Across America, but particularly in the South, abortion clinics are in a fight for their existence. Since 2010, legislators across America vowing to make their states "abortion free" have introduced hundreds of anti-choice bills. Caught in the political quagmire are millions of women of reproductive age, many of them poor and uninsured. Their only hope? The men and women fighting to fulfill the protections guaranteed by Roe v. Wade.


Audrey Rosenbergis committed to producing film, television and documentaries that raise consciousness and promote social action. Audrey is an Emmy-nominated executive producer, with Steven Soderbergh, on the HBO documentary film His Way about legendary Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub. She is an executive producer on the Emmy-winning HBO documentary By The People: The Election Of Barack Obama, produced with Edward Norton. Audrey was part of the producing team on Douglas McGrath’s film Infamous, starring Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig and Toby Jones. She produced Sean Gullette’s debut feature Traitors, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival; North American premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. She also has a number of film, television and documentary projects in development, most notably a new one-hour drama series for television with Michael Sugar and Anonymous Content.


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